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We have A FEW of our best-selling, multi-season, hero of a riding skirt, the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt , in-stock and ready to ship!


Usually skirts take 2-3 weeks to make and ship; if we have your size/color, order now, before they sell out.




You know in the movies when the downtrodden hero finally gets their power back and is all, "yeah, come get me now!" to their enemy?

That's going to be you shouting to bad weather once you get your Tongass Rain Riding Skirt.

"I love my riding skirt, it is comfortable and kept me warm and dry as I rode in the rain. It almost makes me look forward to having "bad" weather." - Jerilyn

{Read the other bajillion 5 star reviews below to hear other women calling on the bad weather to bring it!}

Enter our best-selling, multi-season, hero of a riding skirt, the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt!

You're going to wonder how you ever did without it.

Wear over your riding breeches or jeans, the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt is 100% waterproof + breathable and is the definition of essential riding gear.


There's a reason Horse Illustrated said this riding skirt is, "the unlikley invention that could save your life." Read on!

The Tongass Rain Riding Skirt keeps you, your saddle, and your horse's back muscles warm and dry. Put it in your pack or tie in on your saddle to be prepared for whatever weather the trail has in store!

Throw it on to keep clean while you're getting ready for the show, run errands, do chores, go to dinner, this riding skirt works and looks gorgeous, no matter what you or Mother Nature has planned!

Read reviews at the bottom of the page!

In-Stock Skirt Specs

All are 35" long. Most women need between a 34" and a 36" long skirt, so these 35" long riding skirts will work well for most women. (Click here to see how to measure yourself).

If the color and size you choose are sold out, the "Add to Cart" button will say "Sold Out."

If your size/color is not in-stock, you can still custom order your Tongass Rain Skirt by going to main Tongass Rain Skirt page (Click here).

Why Riding Skirts Work Better

Have you ever noticed that mittens are warmer than gloves? Well, skirts are mittens for your legs.

Hypothermia is not just a winter risk. Even on a warm summer day, when the bad weather catches you outside, you need to be warm and dry to keep your body temperature in a safe range.

The Tongass Rain Riding Skirt forms a 100% waterproof breathable pocket around your legs and captures the combined total heat from your lower body AND your horse.

So when the wind + rain roll in and the temps drop, ta-dah: INSTANT dry oven (and bonus: that hay you fed your horse to keep him warm is keeping you warm now, too)!

That's like the opposite of double-taxation... double hay benefit-ation. We're going to pretend that's a word.

Pants alone don't stand a chance in bad weather: with pants, your little legs are the sole source of heat with a small tube of fabric around to try and catch it.

(Not to mention most riding pants/jeans aren't waterproof, so the little heat you do have is disappearing into the air).

Riding Skirts are bound by the laws of nature to be way warmer than pants alone because you're combining multiple heat sources (you + the horse) and trapping it under one big waterproof air pocket.

{Air pockets trap heat: it's why thermos' keep things hot, mittens are warmer than gloves, and sea otter's fur keeps them toasty in Arctic waters}.

The reasons skirts work better than small heaters in separate pockets (read: pants) is due in thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, the properties of heat convection, and something called the “inevitable heat death of the universe theory.”

We could keep geeking out here, but really, the design of riding skirts are bound to be warmer than any pant alone could be... it's just physics.

Add the mitten design of a skirt to the never-evah gonna soak through shell that covers you, your saddle+bags, and horse's back and you're absolutely weather-proof.

You do still need pants though… we get that question a lot. You’ll have horribly chapped thighs if you don’t.

Layering a waterproof Tongass Rain Riding Skirt over pants gives you all of the close contact your riding pants afford, with the warmth and dryness of a breathable shell on top.

This may just be the best horse clothing investment I’ve ever made- the skirt is tough, waterproof, and best of all WARM! I can’t get enough of this skirt- I wear it even when I’m not riding!"- Jennifer

Anatomy of the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt

Anatomy of an Tongass Rain Riding Skirt:

With science on our side with the design, we next created & tested a technical beast of rain gear- the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt:

  • 100% waterproof & breathable. None of this "water-resistant" mumbo-jumbo. Have you every heard of anyone who want to be dry for only a few hours of a storm? No. Thank you. Waterproof means you won't get soaked no matter what.
  • Lined with micro-fleece (except for the Ocean + Currant colors which are lined with mesh). Soooooooooo cozy.
  • "Alaska-proof." Check out the video below of the Alaskan packer who stayed dry as a bone in two weeks of pouring rain in the backcountry.  
  • Works like a quarter sheet on the horses' back. Keeps your saddle, bags, and your horses back warm and dry.
  • Deep cozy fleece pockets. Our pockets are legendary for their coziness.
  • Mounting snaps hold the riding skirt up and open for hands-free mounting. No need to hold your riding skirt up to use it- these are built to work and ride in.
  • 2-way front zipper. You can adjust how open or closed the front opening is depending on weather and your preference.
  • Take on/off while mounted. No need to get off and change when the bad weather comes in- just put it on while you're mounted.
  • Machine Wash & Dry. Get it disgusting and throw it in the washer and dryer, easy-peasy. You have enough things that are hard to clean (horse, saddle blankets, leather, children...)
  • Breakaway leg straps for fast or windy conditions.
  • We donate a portion of the proceeds to the non-profit of your choice. If everyone gives a little, we can change things a whole lot.
  • Color Chart is in the skirt pictures (scroll to the end).
"The most amazing and useful item I have purchased for riding! I love my skirt!" -Lauren

The Arctic Horse Difference


  • American made in Alaska
  • Women owned and operated
  • Heritage of quality: our seamstresses have skills handed down to them through hundreds of years of cultural sewing.
  • THEY WORK. Tested in some of most extreme conditions on earth.

We’re American made (and tested!) right here in Alaska. We employ Alaskans and source American-made materials whenever we can.

We’re woman owned and operated! Real women's gear developed for women by women. That statement really doesn't need further explanation as to why that's a very good thing.

I'm sure you've head the term, "they don't make 'em like they used to." Well, we do.

Our seamstress team of Russian Orthodox women have been sewing their own dresses for hundreds of years. Theirs is a heritage of excellent sewing quality not often seen in clothes manufacturing today.

That excellence is reflected in the hundreds of 5 star reviews of our skirts. They're tough, they work, and they're going to do their job so you can do yours.

We donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit of your choice.

Amazing + much needed gear, locally made, excellent craftswomanship, and we give back to the community.

How many win-win-wins is that?

"I love-love my new rain skirt!!!!! It has just the right amount of warmth, and the bonus of being waterproof so that it protects me, and my saddle is perfect!!! I also could not be more impressed with this company! They are simply wonderful to work with!" -Lisa


See our sizing chart here. If you need a different size or length than is on our size chart, please enter it into the text box at checkout.


If you want a shorter style, check out the Short Tongass Rain Riding Skirt. Or, get both :)


Watch how well the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt performs on a rain-soaked Alaska pack trip: 

International customers responsible for all custom and duty taxes.

All photos by the amazing @Gutierrez Photography