English - Sheepskin Seat Saver

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Plush for your tush has just arrived. 

Gorgeous, plush, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and anti-bacterial to combat sweat, dirt, and grime. Can I get a hallelujah from your seat bones?

We've teamed up with Horsedream Importers to bring you the finest 100% merino wool sheepskin seat saver for you & your horse!

I know, you may thinking sheepskin is sheepskin is sheepskin. Right? No way.


  • Made of medical grade sheepskin that is so safe and clean, it is approved for infant-wear.
  • Produced with the highest environmental standards in Germany. 
  • Proven company, established in 1954, with a heritage of excellence and workmanship.
  • Machine washable for ultimate comfort; gentle cycle, fluff dry.
  • 30mm depth (that's cushy!)

Attachment: A pocket around the cantle holds the seat saver firmly in place, and elastics run through the gullet. Adjustable to fit any English style saddle. 

#1 Christ Lammfelle sheepskin is medical grade quality and approved for infant-wear.

Sheepskin is often cleaned and processed with so many toxic chemicals it could never be approved for the highly regulated infant-wear market.  You don't want all those chemicals getting on you or your horse, right? We didn't either, so we found you the best!

#2 The water from the tannery is so clean, it feeds into a fish farm!

Christ Lammfelle natural sheepskin products are produced in their in-house German tannery awarded with top marks for environmental excellence. They actually use the water from this tannery in a fish farm- that's how clean it is.

#3 The wool is still attached to the sheepskin leather- making it super durable

So many seat savers out there are shaved merino wool woven onto synthetic backing.

This weakens the seat saver, results in shedding, and you've introduced a synthetic barrier between all of those great natural fiber properties (like, cooling/warming with body temperature and anti-microbial properties).

 You and your horse deserve the best. 

Ships within 7-10 days of order

Refund & Warranty policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Must have original tags and be unused. Warrantied from craftsmanship defects for life.