Heart-Centered Business

Arctic Horse was founded with a few heart-centered principles and values which guide the products we create:

1) They Must Work, and They Must Last. The other name for this would be, "No froo-froo stuff that leaves your freezing and falls apart in 5 minutes." Cause, ladies, we've sure paid enough for that stuff, already!

Whatever we make does the job we made it for: keeping you warm, dry, protected, or all of the above. We created skirts of exceptional quality materials and craftsmanship, that are tested in extreme conditions (hello, Alaska!), and are constructed to last for years.

2) They Must Be Beautiful. We could build a bomb-proof skirt, but if it was ugly, I know plenty of ladies (myself included), who might risk the bomb. So, on top of our gear actually working (generally, a foreign concept in ladies apparel), our skirts just had to be pretty!

All joking aside, we ride and work in all types of weather and conditions, and hypothermia (from cold or wet) is a real danger. The prettier we make these skirts, the more women will wear them, and stay protected. We aimed to make these skirts so lovely, a woman could wear them out to dinner if she wanted to, and still turn heads.

3) They Must Support Love. All is one. Do unto others. We're all just walking each other home. 

There are so many ways to say this principle, and so many aspects of it. It's my favorite mandate. I wanted this business to be a self-sustaining circle of goodness for all associated with it, below are a few ways we've come up with to support that way of doing business. Let me know if you have other ideas!

Service to Love: This horse thing is a BIG love. A swallow your whole heart, lay it wide-open, change your entire life, kind of love. Anything that puts that kind of heart energy into the world, needs to be supported. These skirts were born from my desire to help women spend more time with their horses, and grow that love. 

Service to Horses: We help you put your energy and your money where your heart is. A portion of the proceeds of every skirt go to an animal non-profit of the buyer's choice.

We are working on developing a brand ambassador program for equine rescues/therapy centers, and other non-profits, wherein, a portion of the skirt sales resulting from their recommendations/advertising efforts are also sent to them. Contact me (jen@arctichorsegear.com) on behalf of your organization for more information.

Service to our country and local community: We strive to buy American made materials whenever possible. The skirts are handmade in Alaska by local people making a living wage.

4) They Must Do No Harm. We try and source non-toxic, recycled materials, and do not use leather products. Our wool skirts are sourced from humanely sheared sheep.