Frequently asked questions about Arctic Horse Riding Skirts

Do you need an All Weather Riding Skirt? Why yes, yes you do :)

Watch the video for an overview of what they are, the amazing reviews, and how they work.

Which Riding Skirt Should I Choose?

Which riding skirt should I choose? Hands down this is our most frequently asked question! To help you decide, we've put together this greate guide to choosing your riding skirt:

Why Riding Skirts Work Better

Have you ever noticed that mittens are warmer than gloves? Well, skirts are mittens for your legs.

Hypothermia is not just a winter risk. Even on a warm summer day, when the bad weather catches you outside, you need to be warm and dry to keep your body temperature in a safe range.

The Tongass Rain Riding Skirt forms a 100% waterproof breathable pocket around your legs and captures the combined total heat from your lower body AND your horse.

So when the wind + rain roll in and the temps drop, ta-dah: INSTANT dry oven (and bonus: that hay you fed your horse to keep him warm is keeping you warm now, too)!

That's like the opposite of double-taxation... double hay benefit-ation. We're going to pretend that's a word.

Pants alone don't stand a chance in bad weather: with pants, your little legs are the sole source of heat with a small tube of fabric around to try and catch it.

(Not to mention most riding pants/jeans aren't waterproof, so the little heat you do have is disappearing into the air).

Riding Skirts are bound by the laws of nature to be way warmer than pants alone because you're combining multiple heat sources (you + the horse) and trapping it under one big waterproof air pocket.

{Air pockets trap heat: it's why thermos' keep things hot, mittens are warmer than gloves, and sea otter's fur keeps them toasty in Arctic waters}.

The reasons skirts work better than small heaters in separate pockets (read: pants) is due in thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, the properties of heat convection, and something called the “inevitable heat death of the universe theory.”

We could keep geeking out here, but really, the design of riding skirts are bound to be warmer than any pant alone could be... it's just physics.

Add the mitten design of a skirt to the never-evah gonna soak through shell that covers you, your saddle+bags, and horse's back and you're absolutely weather-proof.

You do still need pants though… we get that question a lot. You’ll have horribly chapped thighs if you don’t.

Layering an Arctic Horse All Weather Riding Skirt over pants gives you all of the close contact your riding pants afford, with the warmth and dryness of a breathable shell on top.

This may just be the best horse clothing investment I’ve ever made- the skirt is tough, waterproof, and best of all WARM! I can’t get enough of this skirt- I wear it even when I’m not riding!"- Jennifer

The Arctic Horse Difference

The Arctic Horse Difference:

American made in Alaska Women owned and operated Heritage of quality: our seamstresses have skills handed down to them through hundreds of years of cultural sewing. THEY WORK. Tested in some of most extreme conditions on earth.

We’re American made (and tested!) right here in Alaska. We employ Alaskans and source American-made materials whenever we can.

We’re woman owned and operated! Real women's gear developed for women by women. That statement really doesn't need further explanation as to why that's a very good thing.

I'm sure you've head the term, "they don't make 'em like they used to." Well, we do.

Our seamstress team of Russian Orthodox women have been sewing their own dresses for hundreds of years. Theirs is a heritage of excellent sewing quality not often seen in clothes manufacturing today.

That excellence is reflected in the hundreds of 5 star reviews of our skirts. They're tough, they work, and they're going to do their job so you can do yours.

We donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit of your choice.

Amazing + much needed gear, locally made, excellent craftswomanship, and we give back to the community.

How many win-win-wins is that?

"I love-love my new rain skirt!!!!! It has just the right amount of warmth, and the bonus of being waterproof so that it protects me, and my saddle is perfect!!! I also could not be more impressed with this company! They are simply wonderful to work with!" -Lisa

Which Size Should I Order?

Which size should I order? We have a whole page of information to help you choose the right size (see Sizing Chart page here). The main message is: measure yourself, please.

If you're not on the size chart, or want something customized further, just shoot us an email: hello@arctichorsegear.com.  

If you need a different length or size than is on our size chart, choose one of our standard sizes/lengths and then put your measurements into the text box at checkout.

I don't ride horses, can I still use your skirts?

I don't ride horses, but I love your skirts. Should I still order one?

Yes! You don't have to ride horses to benefit from an Arctic Horse All Weather Skirt (you just have to want to stay warm/dry/protected from the elements)! We have dog mushers, farmers, bikers, hikers, sport moms, skiers, ATV riders, biologists, and others ordering our skirts. If you want to be warm and dry and protected, these skirts are for you!

All of the long skirts come with legs straps and mounting snaps, if you're not going to ride horses in them, just say you don't want these features in the text box at checkout.  

Anatomy of a Riding Skirt

How are the skirts adapted to be ridden in? How do I use the features on my skirt?

Your skirts were built to be ridden and worked in. Here is an overview of the main features of your riding skirt:

Zips/Unzips at the TOP of the Skirt: This skirt is easy-peasy to put on and take off (you can even do it while mounted). We put the zipper in upside down so you can wrap the skirt around you and zipper it together at the TOP of the skirt. It can take your fingers a minute to get used to an upside down zipper, but promise, you'll love not having to bend to the floor to zipper your skirt!

See the video here:

Mounting snaps: You don't need to fuss with holding your skirt up and open for mounting, the mounting snaps do it for you! See this video on how to use them:  

Break-away leg straps:  Your skirt stays in place quite well. But, if you're riding fast, or in windy conditions, slip your leg into the break-away leg straps to keep the skirt in place. See the video here:


Custom Work

Can you make something I've dreamed up?

We'd sure like to try. If you have an idea for a custom piece, shoot us an email. We love to dream, design, and invent at Arctic Horse.

If you'd like further changes to your All Weather Riding Skirt, you can put a note in the textbox at checkout, or shoot us an email at hello@arctichorsegear.com

Order Time & Shipping

Our order fulfillment time is currently 4-6 weeks. Every skirt is handmade by a small team of women in Alaska.

We are growing all the time, and can sometimes get your order sent out sooner, but we just can't promise. We hope to cut our fulfillment time drastically in the near future, in the meantime, we sure appreciate your patience!

What about shipping, costs, and transit time? We can ship almost anywhere in the world.

USA Shipping: For the USA, we ship flat rate priority mail, $20 per large box. Shipping is 3-5 business days. We can fit one bulky skirt in a large box (Outlander wool, Arctic Insulated skirts), or a couple of the thinner skirts (Tongass rain, short skirts, Backcountry Trail skirts).

If you need more than a couple of skirts shipped, contact us to get the best quote on shipping (hello@arctichorsegear.com)

International Shipping: We ship to 238 countries, so you're probably in luck! We use USPS International carrier-calculated shipping (based on weight) which is calculated at checkout. Shipping transit time is between 1-5 days. Shipping is generally between $30-60 to most countries. Note that many countries charge import taxes and custom duties- these are the responsibility of the customer.

Returns, Exchanges, Warranties

You can return your new, unused skirt, for a refund within 30 days of receiving the skirt.

We do not refund international custom/duty taxes, but if you're exchanging the skirt for another, we may be able to send you a replacement without additional customs/taxes. This depends on the specific country custom laws.

I ordered the wrong size, can I return/exchange my skirt?

Please, please, please, measure yourself. We don't have a store with skirts in every size/length/color pre-made like larger box stores.

Every skirt is made to order, so returns for wrong sizing add a lot of cost to our small company, and are generally preventable when customers measure themselves. However, we do understand it can happen, so, if it's new and within the 30 days, yes, you can exchange it.

WE GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS. This warranty covers any manufacturer workmanship defects in your Arctic Horse gear. This warranty applies to consumer use only and is null and void if the product is used in a manner it is not intended for. This warranty lasts for the lifetime of the product.

This warranty is for the original consumer purchaser only. It is not transferable. Proof of purchase must be verified.

All of our hardware is guaranteed for a year and if any breakage occurrs, we'll replace/repair the hardware. If hardware breaks after a year, we'll gladly repair/replace the hardware for free, but customer must pay shipping.


Any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, or an act of nature (fire, flood, moths, etc.) is not covered. Snags, stains, pilling, discoloration, deterioration, burns, or damage from normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

Arctic Horse Gear products are designed and built with a balance of weight, comfort, performance, and durability as the goal. While Arctic Horse products do excel in all of these aspects, it is not indestructible. Sharp rocks, stiff limbs, and unexpected falls can push any fabric or clothing type beyond its limit.

In the event that your gear becomes damaged due to any of the above reasons, please contact hello@arctichorsegear.com for evaluation and repair options.

Contact Us

Your happiness is our highest priority. If you ever have any issues/questions/comments about your riding skirt, please contact us at hello@arctichorsegear.com