Arctic Horse Children's All Weather Skirts


Arctic Horse Children's Skirts

Yes, we make children's skirts! Protect your child on and off her horse with an All Weather Riding skirt. You know she's going to be out with her pony come rain, snow, or tsunami, so keep her warm and dry in any one of our outdoor skirts.

All of our skirts are handmade, so we can custom-make any of our skirts to fit your child. Every skirt we offer, the Backcountry Trail Skirt, Tongass Rain Skirt, Arctic Insulated Skirts, and Outlander Wool Skirt, can be ordered in a kid's size.

If you're not sure which skirt to order, check out our Guide to Choosing an All-Weather Riding Skirt.

 How to order an Arctic Horse children's skirt:

    1. Choose which skirt she'd like, and the color.
    2. Measure her waist or hips, depending on where she wants the top of skirt to sit. Include this as the "Waist Measurement".
    3. For long skirts, measure the length from her hip or waist to the top of her ankle. Include this as the "Length Measurement."
    4. For short skirts, measure the length from her hip or waist to just below her knew. Include this as the "Length Measurement."
    5. Go the product page of the skirt you've chosen, add the smallest size/color to your cart, then in the comment box at checkout, insert your Waist Measurement and Length Measurement.