To Big Love

Some days, while riding along, it really hits me what a miracle it is to sit on the back of a horse. That these magnificent creatures even allow such a thing, lays my heart wide open, every time. 

Pioneer Peak Arctic Horse

Alaska lays my heart open like that, too. Before I started Arctic Horse, I was a wildlife biologist, and my work took me all over the country, and internationally, as well. And everywhere I went, I could connect with the land, but, not like Alaska.

The first moment I crossed into Alaska, it had every piece of me. Verdant green like I'd never seen, turquoise rivers, white capped butcher paper mountains, and so deeply wild. Alaska was immediately my home, it was an instant recognition that this place was me. I just needed it.

Knik Glacier Arctic Horse

The first time I laid eyes on a horse, was sometime before conscious memory, but they've been my home, and I have needed them ever since, as well.

Alaska, and horses, buckle me with awe, overwhelm me with joy, and drop a quiet peace in me, my mainline connection to something holy. And to give the resonance/vibration/love the most meager description, I can only say that it's the kind of love that makes you softer and stronger, that feeds your spirit, and, that it is a big love.

Arctic Horse sprang from these dual loves; the function and beauty of the All Weather Skirts creates a path to more time with my horses, and more time out in this great land. I hope it does the same for you, and supports your big love.